Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s day of racing such a success. It takes a village to put on a hunt meet, starting with our loyal sponsors who made it possible to have the day. Despite a pandemic that made long-term planning impossible, owners kept their horses in training and by November after a lot of other meets did not run, horses and riders were chomping at the bit. As race day approached the dry weather had us concerned that the ground might be hard and we thought we could use a little rain. As it turned out we did not need to worry about that. It started raining early on race day morning and did not stop until early afternoon. In spite of the wet and muddy conditions we had full fields in all the races and had so many entries in the Athenian Idol that we had to split the race. The last time that happened was in 2001. Fortunately, all of the horses and riders came home safe and sound; another success, especially under those conditions.

Now a month later, after all the dust has settled (or all the mud has dried) and the bills have been paid, we have determined our pledge to the Chester County Food Bank. Because of all of you, our donation this year will be $50,000 and will be presented to the food bank on December 18, 2020. This is quite an accomplishment in a year of significant need.

While we are very proud of our charitable donation this year, the unfortunate truth is that hunger and food insecurity continue to be significant challenges for many residents of Chester County. To help the neediest among us through the holidays we have decided to try and raise some additional funds for the food bank. We will keep our donation site on-line until 12/31/2020 so you can donate through the PA Hunt Cup website, just like many of you did on race day.

No donation is too small, and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your continued support of the PA Hunt Cup and the Chester County Food Bank.

With deepest gratitude and best wishes for a happy Holiday Season,

Your Pennsylvania Hunt Cup Committee

PO Box 100, Unionville, PA  19375

610-220-3742 | pahuntcupraces@gmail.com

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters for helping us to make the 501(c)(3) 86th running of the historic Pennsylvania Hunt Cup happen!

Your participation supports our amazing community beneficiaries including the Chester County Food Bank that distributes food to over 50,000 Chester County residences annually.